Target Fabrication Workshop 6: 8th – 11th May 2017, Greenwich, London

Target Fabrication Workshop 6 was a great success with over 50 delegates from institutes in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Romania, US, and Japan.

Presentations and discussions were focused on a wide variety of technologies in the field of Target Fabrication. Targets for high-energy interactions span a variety of technical disciplines; discussion on key Target Fabrication challenges and collaborative opportunities were discussed in length.

There were 34 oral presentations and 18 poster presentations. Oral presentations were held in 3-talk sessions with a discussion session at the end of a 3-talk period. This encouraged broader discussion on the subject.

The sections spanned:

  • Micro-Target Fabrication
  • Facility introductions and overviews
  • Cryogenic Target production
  • High-repetition rate targetry
  • Silicon-based fabrication techniques
  • Applications in Micro-fluidics
  • Chemistry-based fabrication techniques


Please find below a link that will download the schedule in pdf format.

Schedule V2.0

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