Target Fabrication Workshop

The Target Fabrication Workshop is a biannual gathering of scientists and engineers to present and discuss work on the subject of Target Fabrication. Target Fabrication includes a growing community of university and industrial groups worldwide who research and manufacture novel items specifically designed for laser irradiation and other high-energy experiments. The technologies are broad to deliver to a wide range of high-power laser systems.

Meetings are in a workshop format where discussions on topics are encouraged, collaboration is key to this community, where facilities have complimentary capabilities.

The first meeting was held in Oxfordshire 2006. The previous workshop was held in Darmstadt Germany  where 60 attendees took part. The workshop arose from the need of a specialised scientific response to meet the demands of the high-energy interactions community for research and development of novel materials and assemblies TFW has historically attracted researchers and engineers from around the world; TFW7 attracted delegates from Europe, Asia and North America

  • Gathering of Target manufacture and development scientists and engineers
  • Open to oral and poster presentations of individual’s or groups work in manufacture, development and research in Targets for high energy interactions
  • Networking and collaborative opportunities between international institutes
  • Targetry research topics covered include but are not limited to:
    • Thin film coating applications
    • Low density materials
    • Specialised characterisation techniques
    • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) applications
    • Micro-machining
    • Targetry solutions for the next high repetition rate laser systems
    • Strategic response to new facility developments and demands

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